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Cordoba water wheel

I´m leaving Spain, at least for a while: after 5 years turning back to the Netherlands. Of course, my eyes keep focused on this fascinating country which has much more to offer than sun, beaches and fiesta. Spain is a country with a large history in water management and the struggle for water resulted in innovative solutions going back to the Roman and Arabic period. Maybe because of this historical importance of water resources availability, everybody has a say in this matter and the result is a complex interaction between users, sectors and administrative levels (of which federal Spain has probably too many).

Consequently, the same political disputes that can be observed in many places in the world between two different countries can be seen here within one and the same country. People in the southern dry regions are convinced with political slogans as “Water for All” and terms as “Hydrosolidarity”. While other regions state that more water transfers would be too expensive, economically and environmentally, of course at the same time extending their own irrigation schemes. Political divisions as a result.

Anyway, that was my short view on Spanish water matters; I´m working on different opportunities here, and right now preparing to submit an abstract to a conference in Barcelona next year on computation for water resources. The paper will be about modelling of river-aquifer interaction for regional groundwater planning.

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