On hydraulic bureaucracy in Spain

If you’re interested in Spanish hydro-politics and history, have a look at the article called “Agua para todos”: The new regionalist hydraulic paradigm in Spain” by Elena Lopez-Gunn (Computense University of Madrid). It can be found in the open-access journal Water Alternatives. Most of the current (October 2009) issue of  is devoted to Hydraulic Bureaucracies: Flows of Water, Flows of Power. You can download the paper for free: it concerns a very thorough and balanced review on water management in Spain. Highly recommendable.

“Spain is nowadays a hotbed of experimentation in terms of water policy along territorial lines, where strong innovations are taking place in terms of a highly dynamic and innovative regulatory system, of policy principles, and coordination/negotiations across scales (EU, national and regional). The value of water becomes embroiled in a political territorial process of negotiation over access to water, and conflicting relationships between scales (regional versus state) and uses (traditional farming versus intensive productive farming; rural versus urban; old uses like agriculture versus new uses like golf courses) and resources (old water versus new water and water transfers versus desalinated and recycled water), in new and constantly negotiated spatial water configurations.”

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